Imagen Número de pieza Fabricantes Descripción Precio Ver
KITRTR/STDL STMicroelectronics KIT $31.25/pcs Investigación
NXPLOGIC1-KIT Image NXPLOGIC1-KIT NXP Semiconductors / Freescale KIT LOGIC 10EA OF 17 VAL   Investigación
SP000410856 Image SP000410856 International Rectifier (Infineon Technologies) KIT SAMPLE FOR LED DRIVERS   Investigación
150151 Image 150151 Wurth Electronics LEDS $177.5/pcs Investigación
5000045F Image 5000045F Dialight 5MM VPM LP PROMO PACKET $4.819/pcs Investigación
511-8002-KIT Image 511-8002-KIT LAPIS Semiconductor KIT LED 3MM MULTI COLOR $4.95/pcs Investigación
511-8007-KIT Image 511-8007-KIT LAPIS Semiconductor KIT LED 0402 MULTI COLOR   Investigación
5000044F Dialight 4 HIGH DENSITY LP PROMO PKG $2.395/pcs Investigación
511-8006-KIT Image 511-8006-KIT LAPIS Semiconductor KIT LED 1208/1210 MULTI COLOR $13.95/pcs Investigación
5000102F Image 5000102F Dialight 656 SERIES PROMO KIT $17.167/pcs Investigación
FIT0425 DFRobot ECELL: BREADBOARD-PLUGIN LED $7.04/pcs Investigación
5000103F Dialight 670 SERIES PROMO KIT $60.405/pcs Investigación
5000042F Image 5000042F Dialight 3MM VERT LP PROMO KIT $2.704/pcs Investigación
751-00005 Image 751-00005 Parallax, Inc. ASSORTED T1 3/4 LED 20 PACK   Investigación
5000043F Image 5000043F Dialight 3MM VLP PANEL MNT PROMO KIT $5.436/pcs Investigación
511-8001-KIT Image 511-8001-KIT LAPIS Semiconductor KIT LED 5MM MULTI COLOR $12.481/pcs Investigación
511-8003-KIT Image 511-8003-KIT LAPIS Semiconductor KIT LED 0603 MULTI COLOR $10.03/pcs Investigación
5000041F Dialight LED PMI MINI DESIGN KIT $105/pcs Investigación
5000104F Dialight 655 SERIES PROMO KIT $6.439/pcs Investigación
511-8004-KIT Image 511-8004-KIT LAPIS Semiconductor KIT LED 0805 MULTI COLOR $9.95/pcs Investigación
RFLABKIT-001 Image RFLABKIT-001 Crystek Corporation RF LAB KIT $568.67/pcs Investigación
L/C-402DS Image L/C-402DS Johanson Technology 0402 S-SER CAP & IND (CHIP) KIT $95.625/pcs Investigación
999-690 Amphenol Connex (Amphenol RF) AUTOMOTIVE SAMPLE KITS $40.773/pcs Investigación
70-0064-3160-8 Image 70-0064-3160-8 3M BUMPON VARIETY PACK 36PCS   Investigación
45656 Greenlee Communications KIT CONSUMABLES   Investigación
CAB-HS1 Image CAB-HS1 Ohmite CABINET ASSORTMENT HEATSINK $229.32/pcs Investigación
ABKIT-IOT-1 Image ABKIT-IOT-1 Abracon Corporation IOT & WEARABLES COMPONENT KIT $79.86/pcs Investigación
L/C-805DS Image L/C-805DS Johanson Technology 0805 L-SER CAP & IND (CHIP) KIT $95.625/pcs Investigación
999 002 VER 2.0 Image 999 002 VER 2.0 Wurth Electronics iBE BALUN CORE KIT $77.25/pcs Investigación
L/C-201DL Image L/C-201DL Johanson Technology 0201 L-SER CAP & IND (CHIP) KIT $95.625/pcs Investigación
441 Image 441 Adafruit SMT/SMD 0805 RESISTOR AND CAPACI $43.95/pcs Investigación
748150 Image 748150 Wurth Electronics KIT DESIGN RF FOR GPS   Investigación
BK-DEVKIT-PC Image BK-DEVKIT-PC MPD (Memory Protection Devices) COIN CELL EVAL KIT PC PINS $45.921/pcs Investigación
3-1201725-8 Agastat Relays / TE Connectivity BDAR BOX MISC $621.949/pcs Investigación
CC-LAB2 Image CC-LAB2 Bourns, Inc. AC/DC CIRCUIT CONDITIONING LAB K $37.5/pcs Investigación
SLC Image SLC Johanson Technology SINGLE LAYER CAP DESIGN KIT   Investigación
CT3417 Cal Test Electronics PRECISION 50OHM N TYPE ATTENUATO $432/pcs Investigación
ATS-TMDK-96 Image ATS-TMDK-96 Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. KIT THERMAL MANAGEMENT DESIGN $727.2/pcs Investigación
MABA-000001-75KIT1 Image MABA-000001-75KIT1 Aeroflex (MACOM Technology Solutions) 75 OHM DESIGNERS KIT $75/pcs Investigación
2450L/C603D Image 2450L/C603D Johanson Technology 0603 CAP/IN/IPC 2.45GHZ DSGN KIT $95.625/pcs Investigación
CMW-KIT10 Panduit CABLE WATERFALL KIT WHITE $52.18/pcs Investigación
CC-LAB1 Bourns, Inc. CIRCUIT CONDITIONING LAB KIT $37.5/pcs Investigación
IOT-L/C402D-1 Image IOT-L/C402D-1 Johanson Technology IOT ISM BAND COMP DEV KIT $99.75/pcs Investigación
CT3382A Image CT3382A Cal Test Electronics PRECISION 50OHM BNC ATTENUATOR K $371/pcs Investigación
120086 Image 120086 TPI (Test Products International) KIT ATTENUATOR 3DB 6DB 10DB 20DB $207.95/pcs Investigación
EKSM-PND52X32A-KIT Image EKSM-PND52X32A-KIT Murata Electronics NORDIC STARTER KIT FOR NRF52X32 $8.55/pcs Investigación
CMW-KIT Image CMW-KIT Panduit CABLE WATERFALL KIT BLACK $47.895/pcs Investigación
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